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Google Workspace: More than new logos

Posted by Ryan Allred on Oct 14, 2020 9:58:58 AM


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Big Strides for Google Chat

Posted by Ryan Allred on Jun 11, 2020 4:17:03 PM

In the competitive market of collaboration tools, Google is investing in Chat to challenge the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack. If you are unfamiliar with the applications listed above don't feel left out. All three applications focus on consolidating the bombardment of communication tools that employees interact with on a daily basis. Chat and its competitors provide a single place for messaging, document editing, and files sharing allowing your users to effortlessly collaborate in realtime. Chat's most recent updates allow External Users into a Chat room and a new Chat app that allows users to collaborate without an internet browser! No matter what G Suite license you use, Chats is included at no extra cost.

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Collaboration Essentials with Google

Posted by Ryan Allred on May 5, 2020 12:34:02 PM

Meet + Chat + Drive Enterprise = Free 👍

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Cloud Run and CI/CD Pipelines with Dan Taylor

Posted by Dan Taylor on Apr 15, 2020 1:27:27 PM
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How to work from home with G Suite and Hangouts Chat

Posted by Ryan Allred on Mar 16, 2020 3:20:14 PM

As G Suite continues to grow, so has the demand for a mobile workforce. Given the current COVID pandemic, Observian wanted to share some tips for enabling your workforce from home. One of the least utilized apps in G Suite is Hangouts Chat. This lesser known tool combines the functionality of instant messaging and file sharing capabilities of Google Drive. The combination provides a streamlined collaboration environment wherever your employees work. Hangouts Chat can help you support video calls, chat communications and file sharing from a central location within minutes.

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Professional Collaboration Engineer Exam Guide

Posted by Ryan Allred on Oct 14, 2019 9:18:38 AM

I took (and failed) the GCP Professional Collaboration Engineer certification earlier this week. I want to share my experience so that others can avoid the same mistakes. I have been administering over G Suite domains for two years and have obtained several Google certifications, most recently the GCP Professional Cloud Architect. I am sharing my past experiences to give context to the mistakes when preparing for the exam.

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