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Google Workspace: More than new logos

Posted by Ryan Allred on Oct 14, 2020 9:58:58 AM
Ryan Allred


A massive rebranding for G Suite was announced October 6, 2020. In the coming months G Suite will be phased out making way for Google Workspace to continue the tradition of collaboration excellence. What do these changes mean for your organization?


In addition to spiffy new logos for applications, Google is making it easier for companies to access the collaboration tools needed. Whether you are a small organization requiring Meet functionality or a large enterprise that wants to build custom applications, the new Google Workspace has you covered. Traditional G Suite licenses will remain available through Q1 of 2021 but transfers to the new Workspace SKUs can be made starting October 6, 2020. Let's take a look at some of the license options available as we move into 2021.


The first major change is what Google calls “SKU Families”, Enterprise and SMB licensing has been segmented into SKUs to provide more customization for different organization sizes and requirements. SMB licenses are available for organizations at 300 users or below. The SKUs within SMB are Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus.


If you require more than 300 licenses, look to utilize the new Enterprise SKUs. Here we have three new options focusing on collaboration at scale. Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus.


Google is doing more than changing logos for the collaborative applications. In the coming months organizations will see massive feature improvements for Google Workspace. The application experiencing the most improvement is Meet. Moderation controls, hand raising, Breakout rooms, Polling and Q&A, and Attendance tracking are all on the docket for the end of 2020. Applications like Docs and Sheets will be given the ability to start a video chat directly within a document or spreadsheet. Take a look at these features in action!

Smart Chips


Organizations looking to take advantage of Enterprise Plus features will have complete access to AppSheet PRO which allows no-code applications to be created in minutes. AppSheet PRO allows you to take any data source and turn it into a functional application to be used within your domain. Any company using Google Workspace will have access to AppSheet’s free tier with the option to upgrade to paid versions of the application.


The upcoming changes for Google Workspace are intended to help users maintain focus on a given task without constantly switching tabs. With rapid evolution in the workplace, Google Workspace is prioritizing simplicity of features.


Let us know your thoughts on the changes being made by Google below.




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