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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About APM But Were Afraid to Ask

Posted by Matt Meier on May 7, 2020 9:34:38 AM
Matt Meier

Recent research has shown that users abandon apps that take too long to load, deleting them when they perform poorly; even going so far as to avoid brands known for delivering poor digital experiences.


So how do you stay on the edge of innovation and ensure your apps are performing as intended while still delivering an application that performs the way users demand? 


By using APM.


But what is APM? Here is everything you need to know about APM but were afraid to ask.


What is APM?

Application performance monitoring (APM) is a path to ensure reliable, high-performing, applications and APM gives you clear visibility into the performance and health of your apps. 


An APM solution provides cross-tier, end-to-end:

  • Discovery - Understanding who is talking to what - when
  • Visibility - Getting insight into how your applications are performing
  • Flow maps - Real time mapping and architectures of your application and dependencies

and provides correlations between technical issues and business performance. This insight empowers both technical and nontechnical users to gain visibility into how applications are performing and how they are impacting end users and business. 


Why is Visibility So Important?

Visibility plays a critical role in monitoring modern applications. So, understanding, and monitoring, how they interact and impact the overall user experience; is essential to consistently delivering consistent user experiences. 


When to use APM?

Use an APM to compare pre- and post-move baselines - for example, in cloud migrations. Doing this will enable your organization to gain deeper visibility into identifying bottlenecks where they happen, addressing inefficiencies real-time, and deliver consistent user experiences.

Who Can Benefit from APM?

APM benefits both people and process and helps both avoid siloed monitoring. It can re-orientate teams around an application-centric approach; helping organizations save time and money. 


How Many APM Solutions Should I Have?

In this case, more is not always better. Why? Many organizations are leveraging numerous monitoring tools, each tool supporting only a portion of their organization's overall architecture but when you do this, it makes it difficult to pinpoint causes and even harder to correlate issues to the user’s experience. 


Which APM is Right for You?

If you want to:

  • Visualize your applications
  • Produce flow maps
  • Trace key business transactions based on production application behavior 

AppDynamics’ APM can do all these things and dynamically baseline performance with AI anomaly detection to automatically discover what is “normal” for your applications (and when it’s not!). AppDynamics’ APM can even be integrated with third-party solutions for increased visibility.


Why We Partner with AppDynamics for APM?

At Observian, we understand our customers problems and focus on how to solve them through digital transformation. With real-time visibility, customers can achieve un-matched performance and developer experience that ultimately leads to better software.


Our teams excel in understanding your software stack and where the right APM solution can save you time and money. With our deep expertise in DevOps adoption and execution we partner with AppDynamics to deliver, not only an APM solution, but also to provide services and technical review for the overall performance of your environment.


To learn more about how Observian and AppDynamics partner to bring visibility and savings to organizations around the world, contact us.

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