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63% of users will discourage others from using your app from one bad experience.

Posted by Steffen Campbell on Jul 7, 2020 1:18:55 PM
Steffen Campbell

The digital experience is critical for your customers. How your customers view your brand is now tied to your applications and digital storefront, meaning a poor digital experience in that environment could push them away forever.


Recent surveys have shown that 63% of users will discourage others from using your application due to one bad experience. Those customers don’t care about how they receive that experience or what software you are using, they simply want a flawless experience, every time.


So how do you provide a flawless digital experience to customers and ensure continuous integration and delivery for your production environments? By building a solid foundation with automation.


Automating DevOps


IT environments are exploding in complexity. Overlapping layers of cloud platforms, servers, third party services, and applications are added, each for a different purpose. Your team needs to maintain continuous delivery for production environments, but humans cannot manage this chaos and create a flawless experience for customers.


By adding artificial intelligence to DevOps your teams can focus on preventative action, rather than reaction. AIOps combines the best-of-breed solutions of Application Performance Management (APM) tools and marries them to artificial intelligence and machine learning to create monitoring solutions like AppDynamics. 


Combined with software solutions like Harness that assist with software development pipelines and deployment rollbacks, developers can push out updates to customer facing applications and production environments multiple times a week without adverse impact. AppDynamics can monitor both production and testing environments, so IT teams can monitor their infrastructure from end-to-end and ensure a consistent experience for all users.


The New Digital Experience


Our partnership with AppDynamics enables us to deliver the best APM solutions that allow our customers to deliver and execute seamless assurance that their custom applications are always ON!


We know the customer’s problems and how to solve them, and this sets us apart. We lead our customers through a digital transformation journey with visibility in real time and a goal of helping our customers "Do Software Better."


Observian is an expert in understanding your software stack and where the right APM solution can save you time and money. With our deep expertise in DevOps adoption and execution we are a trusted partner to AppDynamics to deliver not only an APM solution but provide services and technical review for the overall performance of the environment. 


Want to learn more about AIOps? View our recorded webinar with AppDynamics to learn more about:

  • Automating your application monitoring for a flawless customer experience
  • Launching your digital transformation journey with Observian
  • Gain deep visibility and insight into your application environment with AppDynamics Central Nervous System


View the recorded webinar here.  


Learn more about AppDynamics and AIOps here, then contact an Observian sales rep to discuss how we can help you along your digital transformation journey.

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